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We have created what is believed to be the only fully legal, low-cost digital jukebox for the South African market. We have agreements with the various licensing authorities for the use of musical works in our jukebox system. Research show that a Legal Jukebox can pay for itself in as little as 6 months from coin-drop revenue. Our jukebox system includes an advanced management system to provide the operator with up-to-date statistics and feedback from the field. Our innovative prepaid system allows the operator to concentrate on increasing his market share, without the need to hire employees to collect money from jukeboxes in the field. With our system, the owner of the establishment keeps the key with him, and is required to purchase prepaid airtime from the operator.

  • 100W RMS per channel
  • Very robust amplifier technology
  • 2 x high quality speakers included
  • DISCO lights included
  • music rights included
  • Large text display - no printed playlists required

Contact details:

Unitrade Cape Sales: +27 21 948-6868

Email: hannes1332@mweb.co.za

Industry Contacts

RISA:+27 11 886 1342 - http://www.risa.org.za/
David du Plessis - Operations Director - david@risa.org.za  
Braam Schoeman - Anti- Piracy Enforcement Manager - piracy@risa.org.za

SAMRO - http://www.samro.org.za/
SAMPRA - http://www.sampra.org.za/